Markets Update: Bitcoin Cash Prices Up Over 60% This Week (

The price of Bitcoin (BCH) has spiked considerably over the past two weeks as the decentralized cryptocurrency’s market has just captured a $ 20Bn capitalization. The market value of BCH is currently hovering around $ 1,250 per coin and the digital asset commands close to $ 1Bn in trades over the past 24-hours.
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Venezuela Update: Exchange rate is around 600,000 Bolivares (Bs) per USD. LocalBitcoin traded 654 BTC last week. Minium wage is 2 USD / month ( You can see my old post for more context

Bitcoin leads people from BTC not only to

I've wrote a ticket to their support, demanding to remove "Website 2" from the BTC page, which leads to We all know this website isn't about BTC and it's bugging me that people get scammed by this.

I incite everyone to do the same. maybe we get this done.

edit: Link to request form

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Cryptocurrencies News Roundup 22.4.18 (

This week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments.
New developments:
Verge (XVG) reveals partnership with MindGeek
Verge (XVG) had a few weeks ago raised 75 million XVG to secure a partnership with a mysterious company that had several high traffic websites, according to the cryptocurrency’s team. This week, it was revealed the partner is MindGeek, an…