How to mine with ps4?

i try to mine with my ps4 console and it not work for me i connect it to my pc with USB cable and try to find him on the mining soft (GUIMINER) and it not find the console only find my graphic card what i need to do? i now the ps4 can mining but not fast but i want to know how to do that? How i connect my ps4 to the pc to mine? and if i want to use other divice to mine by usb conect how i do it? thanks for helping

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Tx unconfirmed for 9 days, please help.. My wallet has set tx fee to 0, and my [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

My wallet has set tx fee to 0, and as such, the tx is stalled and I can’t see the funds in either the original wallet or the destination wallet.

I used the Bitcoin QT for this one, so when I’d seen it has stalled – I turned of the client for a few days and hoped the network kicked the btc back to the original wallet.

Details: Status: 0/unconfirmed Date: 26/07/2016 05:24 To: 1GT6pmXJe3Qt8vKiqtA7pzsMpitUXLTG3e Debit: -3.97900000 BTC Net amount: -3.97900000 BTC Transaction ID: 85318cc272315fca92ea51a0e1190abbeddf6d892c573a3fb1970471d5d1e6fe-000

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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