Bitcoin Core 0.13 BIP32 support

BitcoinCore 0.13 now supports BIP32 wallets. Documentation states, that if I create a new wallet and encrypt it, it will be an hd wallet. Then I can make a one-time backup of the master secret key.

Imagine that I do all the steps listed above. I start generating addresses and accepting payments. I do not make any backups.

How can I restore my wallet at any time in future (with all keys generated after the initial backup?)?

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BlockCypher API – how to pass token and other parameters e.g. Unspent Only

I want to see Unspent transactions thus I use:

I want to use a Token, thus I use

But when I try to use both,

then I get an error that API call limits have been reached even though it is my first call for the day or hour , and if i remove the token then it works again.

How do I pass both the token and additional parameter (unspentOnly=true)

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In-Depth Look at Bitcoin in China, coming soon!

Hey all – That's Beijing, Beijing's best English-language magazine, is dropping a longform look at Bitcoin in China next week! China is leading the pack when it comes to bitcoin mining and trading volumes – and this will be the first in-depth, English-language look at the industry here. It's called "Virtual Gold: Why Beijing Is Leading China's Bitcoin Revolution." I (Noelle, hi) spent a month reporting on the industry and interviewing people, and I'm so excited to share it when it's out! Stay tuned for a link, soon!

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