Interested to find a good resource with all active bitcoins exchanges

I am looking for recommendations for good bitcoin exchanges resource that would include info on: – live/approximate daily trading volumes – spreads – and most importantly traded currencies

I found this one: But it is not up to date (no KRW for example) and I couldn’t find a way to sort it by an exchange and it is a bit hard to compare traded volumes by exchange because the info is in different currencies.

Thanks, Tagir

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Calculating Z value in a tx with 1 input and 2 outputs

After reading this: ECDSA Signature and the "z" value

I’m still confused about the ‘Z’ value, for this transaction:

the signature is in the input script, and uses the output script of it’s source transaction when calculating the message hash. So the nr of outputs to the transaction does not matter, they are always hashed unmodified into the messagehash for each input. – Willem Hengeveld

I find the above quote confusing, sorry!

This is what I hashed: 01000000 01 e3dbc4fada0034ad8581cb429af4953d7d092b137ebd9e193344db376314ab65000000001976a9147e7fe35e49f0e8a920780c00d40b7171d880811988ac1976a914942920e041353162b0d8bd006d09c2ca25cdc27888acffffffff 02 1004df02000000001976a9147e7fe35e49f0e8a920780c00d40b7171d880811988ac c05f3b04000000001976a914942920e041353162b0d8bd006d09c2ca25cdc27888ac 00000000 01000000

And got this:


Is it correct? Is there a way to verify it?

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