Purchasing Bitcoins in Norway just got 10 times harder

Recently /u/bearhagen posted about how Bitcoins Norway enabled deposits to their platform using a popular mobile payment apps in Norway, Vipps. Cointelegraph later that day posted a poorly researched (as usual) article about the topic titled "Norway’s Largest Bank Favours Bitcoin, Simplifies its Purchase and Usage". The claims made by Cointelegraph are, as usual, complete bollocks and the piece seems more like a paid advertisement for Bitcoins Norway. It wouldn't surprise me if this was the case, given Bitcoins Norway's abysmal track record.

As pointed out by several users in the original thread and by me in the thread of the CoinTelegraph article, using Vipps for selling and buying of Bitcoin is prohibited by their TOS. The relevant section is "6.4 Rettmessig bruk" ("6.4 Allowed usage"). Search for "Bitcoin" on the page and you will see this:

Dersom du bruker Vipps på en måte som medfører risiko for hvitvasking av penger, for eksempel til kjøp og salg av Bitcoins, eller på en måte som oppleves som støtende eller sjikanerende for andre Vipps-brukere, for eksempel ved å sende upassende meldinger til andre brukere, kan DNB sperre din Vipps-profil.


If you use Vipps in a way that involves a risk of money laundering, such as the purchase and sale of Bitcoins, or in a way that is perceived as offensive or harassing other Vipps-users, such as by sending inappropriate messages to other users, DNB may close your account.

As expected, Bitcoins Norway's accounts with Vipps have now been shut down as they are blatantly breaching its TOS. When searching for "Bitcoin" or "Bitcoins" in Vipps, there are no longer any results (Bitcoins Norway's accounts were visible in searches yesterday). Searching for the phone number they are proudly displaying on their website, 80461, also yields no results.

/r/Bitcoin: you got tricked, both by Bitcoins Norway and by CoinTelegraph.

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