Let’s draw a Bitcoin symbol on /r/place

Reddit's april fools thing is /r/place, where each Reddit user can place one pixel at a time. The thought occurred to me that we might try to maintain a Bitcoin symbol on the canvas.

I created this guide: http://i.imgur.com/9p9eKAW.png . If an orange pixel is missing or miscolored, create it. The white pixels on my model can be allowed to be any color except orange, I think. This link will center you on the correct area.


  • 01:31 Now we have two symbols!
  • 01:16 /u/Pacelek has created this template for an orange "coin" around the symbol, which I think is a great idea. It requires replacing some of the black border with orange, so please don't maintain more than a 1-unit black border.
  • 23:45 /u/Pacelek is heading up a project to create an orange circle around the black-bordered symbol, while /u/VerlorenesMetallgeld and others are creating an additional nearby symbol at (358,863).
  • 23:36 Now it has a nice black border. In addition to fixing any errors that are introduced, maybe an orange circle or duplicate symbol could be added. Let's try to avoid getting in the way of Megaman, though.
  • 22:00 Mission accomplished! At some point the left border was thickened compared to my model, which looks better. Now a black border around it is being made, and errors are being corrected as they are introduced.
  • 21:00 Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that we're going to be totally overrun by the blue corner, so I moved our symbol from (746,968) to (370,877)

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