I am mining in the desert using 100% solar and I am profitable

I have 7 greenhouses in theSouthwest desert. I have twenty-five S9 miners inside these greenhouses. They are all running 100% off grid with solar and battery power.

I posted my numbers for this mining operation in the desert a few hours ago but it was downvoted into obscurity. Here is the link if anyone is interested:


Anyhow, I kinda think that this sub is controlled by miners. I want to test this out to see if it might be true. Cuz…maybe I am just being weird and got it wrong. For the record, I am often wrong.

So here it goes…I have documented my mining operation over the last year here on Reddit. I detailed my idea from when it was just an idea all the way to today, where I have a fully functional and profitable bitcoin mining operation in the middle of the desert….not connected to the grid at all. I am about to go all-in and buy 1,000 miners for the September shipment of new S9's.

Here are the numbers for mining, for those of you who are interested. You will need 6 kw of solar panels. And you will need 15 deep cycle lead-acid batteries (24V/200 amp hours each). And a power control system. I buy the batteries from China for $ 180 each. I pay $ 0.45 per watt for solar panels. Total cost for the off grid solution for ONE miner is $ 6800. It costs so little because I found the suppliers on AliBaba and negotiated my pricing. I am happy to share the suppliers with anyone who is interested (no one will be interested).

Cost for one S9 is $ 1225 landed on your door in the US. Total cost for the off grid mining solution is $ 8,000. I make .007 btc per day from each miner. This is about $ 18 per day at the current price. I make about $ 300 profit on each miner by reselling it (used). I can buy and sell these miners EVERY time there is a production run from Bitmain. I get in early and secure my order. Then I slowly sell them until the next batch is close to shipping.

I am pretty sure that there are LOTS of miners doing this and they don't want anyone else doing it. They are afraid of flooding the resell market. And they are afraid of increasing demand for miners. And I am pretty sure those people are now running this sub. But again, maybe I am wrong. We'll see…

Basically, I feel that there is a real effort to dissuade people from mining so that miners can continue to do this.

I purchase in advance from Bitmain and secure the lower pricing. I buy 100 miners and I run 25 of them. I then begin to resell the remainder of my miners. There is such a long gap between shipments from Bitmain that the price just keeps going up and I profit on the resell of these machines. Meanwhile, I am using them to mine until they sell.

By reselling the miners I am making sure I am current with the fastest miners. I also profit from buying 100 miners early in the cycle to resell.

I have NO idea why this happens, but every time I post about mining and talk about how I have found what I believe to be an awesome idea for small to medium sized miners, I am down voted and called a liar and con man by a lot of people here.

So, I am testing my hypothesis. I think that one of three things will happen to this post: (1) it is down voted to obscurity (2) I am relentlessly called out for being a liar and con man (3) no one cares.

For the record, this should be a post that is read by many people here. I am not trying to say that it is the most amazing thing that someone will read here. But, this is exactly the type of post that should have people discussing in a bitcoin forum.

Anyhow, for those who are interested, this info is not a FAKE POSTING. The numbers are real. I am highly profitable. I wish others would do the exact same thing. I want everyone to be mining.

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