Reasons why these price increases are NOT a good thing. no FUD, all facts.

If bitcoin keeps going up at these rates we are going to see some seriously bad side effects here. you may not believe me, but all of these things are MAJOR issues.

  • i only have enough room in the garage for 1 lambo. having to park the second lambo on the street is something i'm not comfortable with.

  • even at the best of times, my productivity at work has some serious holes in it.but recently i've noticed a direct relationship between the price of bitcoin and how much time i spend on reddit/gdax. by my calculations, when we hit 20k i will be spending exactly 61 minutes per hour looking at something crypto related. this is obviously impossible and will break time itself.

  • The memes. We aren't sure what happens when memes reach a critical mass, we just don't have the technology to determine this yet. so far the best theory modern science can come up with is it forms some kind of meme-black-hole which absorbs any and all memes which happen to cross the event horizon. after all memes haves been crushed into the singularity we will be left with only "is it too late to buy bitcoin" posts.

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