Cambodia’s Crypto Industry Marches Forward Despite Legal Grey Area (

Cambodia’s cryptocurrency sector appears to be marching forward, despite the absence of clear regulatory guidelines pertaining to virtual currencies. 
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Regulatory Ambiguity Fails to Deter Cambodia’s Cryptocurrency Sector
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New ESMA Measures Impose 2:1 Restriction on Leverage for Crypto CFDs (

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has announced that it will impose restrictions on the leverage offered for contracts-for-difference (CFDs) and binary options offered to European retail investors. Under the new measures, the leverage offered on cryptocurrency CFDs will be limited to no more than 2:1.
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Bitcoin Records 7% Increase as Cryptocurrency Market Rebounds From Yesterday's Losses

After dipping below $ 6,500, the price of bitcoin has increased 7 percent to $ 7,100, as the rest of the cryptocurrency market recovered over the past 24 hours. Since March 30, the valuation of the cryptocurrency market rose from $ 250 billion to $ 268 billion, by around 8 percent.
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G Maxwell is the Only Reason Bitcoin has Survived to this Day (

Quotes from the interview between Cryptoverse and Synth (early Bitcoin developer). Links below. The most interesting thing about Bitcoin and what I don’t think people really understand is G Maxwell’s role. So Bitcoin looks like it’s this piece of perfect crystalline mathematics that will withstand a thousand years, but people don’t understand the human element behind Bitcoin. They don’t get it haven’t met the miners, the mining pools and the developers. One of the things about Bitcoin is the…