Bitcoin bust? Price falls below $7000 – a third of its value earlier this year

The Japanese government officially recognized bitcoin as a form of currency last year and started licensing exchanges. But regulators have stepped up scrutiny of the industry after about $ 530 million in digital currency was stolen from an exchange in January. New rules in Europe that limit the amount of …
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I wonder, how many people here have formal economics education?

First of all, I'm just a lurker, I don't trade with crypto, but I'm fascinated by the market, so I read the discussion in here very often.

I noticed a lot of the comments seem to be from laymen who base their opinions purely on anecdote.

I don't mean this post offensive in any way, I would just like to know how many people trading BTC (and actively participating in this sub) are actual economists (doesn't matter the particular field – business, finance, actuarial math, management etc. anything similar goes), it would be interesting to see and to kind of "give the discussions more credibility" if there are a lot of people.

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Criminal Bitcoin Trader Found Guilty of Money Laundering in Arizona

Though many convicted criminals serve time and receive help reforming, for one Bitcoin trader, his record continues to grow from felony marijuana charges to money laundering. First reported by CCN earlier as an “unlicensed money transmitting business,” it appears as though Thomas Mario Costanzo, …
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