⚡ New Lightning-enabled store to buy games for Steam/Origin/Uplay/Battle.net: Joltfun

Hello everyone!

Today I'm happy to introduce you to a project I've been working on since the past few months: Joltfun.com

This is a store that offers you to buy games with the Lightning Network for popular venues such as Steam/Origin/Uplay/Battle.net.

Not only can you use bitcoin as a currency, but over Lightning it comes with the advantage of instant delivery: no need to wait for lengthy confirmations, you get game codes in seconds, ready to be activated.

See it in action with this video: https://youtu.be/R1fvHS8D5ew

Feel free to open a channel to our node at: 02977901c53b5299c7641acf11d49a46f0957e9e3f8191e6171d1222486d872317@

If you don't feel #reckless enough to use Lightning yet or if it's not working for you (remember, the network's still pretty much in beta), don't worry on-chain payments are supported as well. We process transactions directly to our own Segwit-enabled wallet and without going through nasty intermediary payment processors charging high fees (if you know what I mean). In that case, orders are processed after just 1 confirmation.

Please note that since our node is brand new, it's currently lacking some channels, so don't be surprised if routing fails at first. Hopefully as more channels are opened that's going to improve over time.


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