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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

BitMEX Research: Bitcoin Economics – Deflationary Debt Spiral (Part 3) – Bitcoin is resilient against some traditional disadvantages of deflation. Bitcoin has weaknesses, often overlooked by critics, which make the controversial supply cap necessary. (New PDF Report)

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

I run a small law office — had my first Bitcoin paying client today.

I run a small law practice. I do mostly Estate Planning (wills, trusts, & probate) and Evictions (oddball side of the practice that grew out of the probate side but is now about 35% of my business).

At the end of most client meetings I ask: "How do you want to pay me?"

Clients will often reply: "What will you take?"

I always answer (in a light-hearted way): "I'm a lawyer, I'll take anything…cash, check, card… I'll even take BitCoin." (This gets a chuckle out of most clients).

I've been doing this line for years…. never gotten a taker. Years!

Today, the client said: "You take bitcoin?"

And after printing my public key QR code, client transferred fee via bitcoin.

Took about 30 seconds to show up as pending, that was good enough for me. We finished up meeting and client left office.

I hope client "spends and replaces" because that might become my largest fee I've ever gotten in 10 years, but in the meantime, I'm just happy to put it to real use!


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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet