Stay curious

I got in during late December after reading up on bitcoin since early November. I was definitely the kind of dude who would hang around /economics and openly bash bitcoin to my friends, without having a clue what bitcoin actually was.

Why do so many of us do that? It seems like a theme many of us go through. It's like I was defending my position, which was that I had missed out. It's some kind of cognitive dissonance that's hard to overcome if you're not curious enough, thankfully I became curious enough as i saw the price climb day after day.

I've been interested in stocks and economics for years and taught myself through podcasts and audiobooks from the likes of Warren Buffett and people with similar mindsets. And when something challenges your view of the world, you fight back. I think a lot of people fight back, and if you're not curious enough to want to keep learning about the world, you'll keep fighting.

I'm in to bitcoin for the same reason everyone else is. Monetary sovereignty, sound money, revolutionary technology and of course to be rewarded for seeing something that people who are not curious enough can't see.

Stay strong friends. And most importantly, stay curious!

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