I own crypto but not Bitcoin.

When I ask friends, colleagues or other people who are into cryptocurrencies if they own Bitcoin, almost all of them respond with "I own crypto but not Bitcoin". Then explaining me why Bitcoin is old and slow and that <insert alt coin> will soon supersede/surpass Bitcoin.

As a Bitcoin fanboy (or maximalist), I try to point them on a few facts about Bitcoin and why I think Bitcoin is still king and a better store-of-value than all the others. However, it is hard to convince them and I believe thats because they suffer from, as I call it, the "missing boat effect".

They probably feel like they missed the boat on Bitcoin and now just look at the next coin which is cheaper. So they buy all kinds of other coins except Bitcoin and are completely ignoring what makes Bitcoin so strong and great.

Does anyone else recognize this?

Example: an Andrew Hales (LAHWF) interview with a Stock Trader: https://youtu.be/4zhco2PA-TM?t=684

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