Excited about the LNTipBot

This thing is fun, easy to use, spreads (lightning) adoption and gets r/bitcoin to match the idea of steemit: microdonations for content in crypto bitcoin.

Nothing but upsides as far as I can see. As soon as this idea (bitcoin microdonations via lightning) spreads in a practical and usable way to major social media, adoption will make a HUGE jump imo.

It's the shit.


Edit: In the spirit of the dude who gave out free reddit gold to spread positivity in dark market times a while back (https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/a0kc9r/times_have_been_tough_how_about_some_holiday/) I'll keep donating a small amount to everybody who comments, gives his thoughts on the bot + lightning and spreads awareness about it – as long as I'm online today and/or run out of sats.

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