I hope for a little bit of love on this post because I am pushing Bitcoin in the Vice-Mayoral election in New York City.


Back in March 2018, articles like this one were posted: "New York Assemblyman Ron Kim Passes a Bill That Could “Kill” BitLicense" = https://cryptoslate.com/new-york-assemblyman-ron-kim-passes-bill-kill-bitlicense

Right now, Rom Kim and I are both running for the position of Public Advocate of the City of New York. As such I got to ask him a question regarding his bill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cvze9yHki8k (Sound is bad …)

Bitcoin is part of the New York City election and would be great to get some publicity around it.


Theo Chino, hopefully the bitlicense slayer.

https://article78againstNYDFS.com & https://AbolishTheBitlicense.org

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