(Venezuela) Last week volume traded in Localbitcoin was 1,309 BTC (ATH is 1,974) . One BTC is around 9,100,000 BsS (ATH). Monthly minimum is 4,500 Bs or 1.8 USD. Two weeks ago BTC price was 3,300,000 Bs.S and minimum wage was 4.6 USD. 2018 inflation was 1,700,000%

Hi guys, Venezuelan living here. Things are really hard here, even if you have some BTC or USD prices are increasing. Basically I have to support (or at least try) my whole family.

One monthly minimum wage is around 50,000 satoshis. Daily that would be around 1,700 satoshis.

All of this is calculated using street exchange rate, but even if you use the "official" exchange rate the situation is almost the same, monthly minimum wage would be 5,22 USD PER MONTH.

2018 inflation rate was around 1,700,000% https://www.brecorder.com/2019/01/10/464580/venezuelas-annual-inflation-surges-to-1-7-million-percent/




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