Bitcoins transactions over 1000 confirmations, but amount remains red

I’m newbee,

I did several payments about 14 days ago. There are 618 confirmations, but the amount remains red and nothing happens. See the example of my blockchain wallet and 4 more examples. The balance of my blockchain wallet is Zero. In the other examples i have more then 1000 confirmations and still rising every hour. What do I wrong ? enter image description here

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Create cryptocurrency from bitcoin fork

I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to cryptocurrency, I learned about them for awhile but didn’t really understand how they worked until recently, and I still have a few gaps in my knowledge.

I am hoping to create a new cryptocurrency from a bitcoin fork, mostly for learning, and a little bit of fun. I have okay experience in programming, but minimal experience in cryptocurrency, and I think that may be hindering my ability to understand existing guides. I roughly followed this answer to get as far as I am, but the genesis generator requires a pubkey and an nBits param, and I have no idea how to get these.

Any advice or resources pertaining to those parameters or cryptocurrency creation in general would be great.

Recent Questions – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

Bitcoin Marketplace OpenBazaar Unveils Several Additions in Major Roadmap

OpenBazaar, a decentralized, unregulated and open-source marketplace that uses bitcoin, has released a roadmap to its second version following a better-than-expected response to its first version in April, according to Medium. OpenBazaar, which opened for business last month, has long-term plans to be a major e-commerce player. Its immediate focus is traditional e-commerce for digital […]

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