Joe Rogan Experience – The 4th Bitcoin Episode – September 7th LIVE

I have been invited to go on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast for the fourth time. Please join me, live, on September 7th. The JRE podcast now has almost double the audience it had last time I was on, more than a year ago. Joe is as excited about bitcoin as ever and we have a lot to discuss.

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Who is liable my case or is it a classic hack?

Recently i purchased a Bitcoin from BITX, the South African Exchange for bitcoin. I purchased 28 Bitcoins from BITX. When they sent me the 28 Bitcoins to my Blockchain iOS app, the Bitcoins were in my wallet for exactly 1 second before they were sent to another address. My concern is that my private key was generated offline. Im the most paranoid person when it comes to security. i keep everything extremely safe AND clean. A hacker would need more than just 1 second to hack my address AND re-transfer the money. I never received an outgoing funds transfer email from my Blockchain App. who is at fault BITX or Blockchain?

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