What software to use to Start mining (for noobs) [duplicate]

I am new to bitcoin mining and tried to download couple of softwares which I thought are good to start mining. BUT, without any extra device, just I mean, gui software which use PC and no additional devices (usb) to start mining. Something like Bitminter https://bitminter.com.

I got 3 computers who stay most of the time idle. 8gb ram, adm readon 8200 r3 graphic card.

what would you suggest me?

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BIP70 signed payment request

I am using https://github.com/bumi/bip70-example to make signed payment request. I bought COMODO Wildcard certificate. And creating certificates bundle in following order: mydomain_origin.com.crt, comodorsadomainvalidationsecureserverca.crt, comodorsaaddtrustca.crt, addtrustexternalcaroot.crt. And specifying this bundle and private key to the code. But when trying to make a payment wallet(Bread wallet for this example) giving me: “payee identity isn’t cerfied. This operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatusError -9809).”

Recent Questions – Bitcoin Stack Exchange