How Fintech Is Dragging Banks to Blockchain and AI

Fintech companies have now been provided with a great opportunity by the growing preference of millennials to accomplish tasks through digital applications. CEO of FIS, Anthony Jabbour, says the digitally native ways of millennials have given more insight into their needs and wants than any previous generation. FIS, the world’s largest global provider, dedicated to banking and […]

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Is there a Bitcoin exchange that accepts paypal and no registration needed?

I am looking for a Bitcoin exchange that allows me to input a wallet address and my paypal information and it will let me send x amount of btc to that address while paying with paypal in USD, RUB, EUR, etc.

Also, I don’t want to create an account with the site and I want the site to be trusted.

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Bitfinex cold storage draining fast (68000 bitcoins already withdrawn)

Looks like Bitfinex cold storage is draining fast… sinking?

You can clearly see that:

  • from cold storage 1 they refilled hot wallet with: 28000 BTC (28k BTC)
  • from cold storage 2 they refilled hot wallet with: 40000 BTC (40k BTC)
  • Total 68000 BTC (68k BTC) at the time of writing this

Before the start of withdrawals they had in:

  • Cold storage 1 address: 32k BTC
  • Cold storage 2 address: 92k BTC
  • Total before withdrawals started: 124K BTC

so when writing this looks like bitfinex already lost to customers 55% of coins they held after hack

and everything is going out from hot wallet to customers as it looks like

now the question is can they survive? will some lawsuits come now in and finish them?

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