“State is the main regulator of our activity” – says Hydra admin (deepd.tw)

Chief admin and creator of the leading Russian darknet market Hydra gave an interview to Zefir (Crypto and technology news website). We translated it to make the text available to English speakers.
Do you remember when you used Tor browser for the first time? How did you know about it? Which websites did you visit?
– I was…


Visa CEO: Bitcoin is Not a Payment System (news.bitcoin.com)

Visa, the world’s largest credit card company, is widely regarded as being hostile to Bitcoin. It would seem intuitive that a traditional financial provider should look unkindly on anything that threatens its hegemony. Publicly, though, the company has had very little to say about Bitcoin, preferring to focus on matters within its own domain. In a CNBC interview on Wednesday, the corporation’s CEO broke his silence, opining – predictably – that Bitcoin is not a payments system.


'It's never safe to invest in bitcoin,' says Evercore analyst

Bitcoin's volatility has been especially troublesome in recent weeks with concerns over regulatory crackdowns and South Korea's announcement that it was considering a cryptocurrency ban. The popular cryptocurrency dropped below $ 10,000 this week for the first time since November. The price dip, a …
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