Generating & Storing Private Keys

I’m now comfortable generating public and private keys for each user of a website.

Is there any pro’s / con’s for generating the Private keys on the client in the browser or on the server?

And once generated is there any best practices for safely storing the users key?

I feel we need to store the key for the user as they can’t be trusted to keep it safe and not lose it.

The connection to the website is all over SSL and the data center is ISO-27001 certified.

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Where did I went wrong with this comparison?

I am trying to buy hash from nicehash and sell that to some pool in

I tried to match the price in nicehash and coinwarz but it seems that things don’t add up.

equihash for example, is 3 bitcoin per megasolution day. Now If I put 1000000 sol per second the coinwars will say I’ll be making 668 bitcoins.

How do I compare this easily?

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Using shapeshift to buy cryptocurrencies

I want to buy Monero using Bitcoin with Shapeshift API :

Here are my steps :

I generate a public address on The address is PUBLIC_ MONERO_ADDRESS

I already have Bitcoin purchased using Coinbase and to buy Monero using this Bitcoin address is this correct :

Reading the shapeshift API ( for buying coins the request is :

url: method: POST data type: JSON data required: withdrawal     = the address for resulting coin to be sent to pair       = what coins are being exchanged in the form [input coin]_[output coin]  ie btc_ltc returnAddress  = (Optional) address to return deposit to if anything goes wrong with exchange destTag    = (Optional) Destination tag that you want appended to a Ripple payment to you rsAddress  = (Optional) For new NXT accounts to be funded, you supply this on NXT payment to you apiKey     = (Optional) Your affiliate PUBLIC KEY, for volume tracking, affiliate payments, split-shifts, etc...  example data: {"withdrawal":"AAAAAAAAAAAAA", "pair":"btc_ltc", returnAddress:"BBBBBBBBBBB"}  Success Output:     {         deposit: [Deposit Address (or memo field if input coin is BTS / BITUSD)],         depositType: [Deposit Type (input coin symbol)],         withdrawal: [Withdrawal Address], //-- will match address submitted in post         withdrawalType: [Withdrawal Type (output coin symbol)],         public: [NXT RS-Address pubkey (if input coin is NXT)],         xrpDestTag : [xrpDestTag (if input coin is XRP)],         apiPubKey: [public API attached to this shift, if one was given]     }  

So withdrawal is the address of the resulting coin to be sent to , as buying Monero using Bitcoin, this address is PUBLIC_ MONERO_ADDRESS

But where is the Bitcoin address specified as in order to buy Monero I need to specify this address ?

The returnAddress is optional but should not this address also be specified as part of the request ?

As my funds are linked to my Coinbase should this address not be used in order to buy an altcoin, ifnot then how are fee’s reconciled ?

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