WHy Bitcoin does not user bcrypt for hashing?

I’ve read that bcrypt is a hashing library that can adapt to Moore’s Law and I thought that would be great for the network to adapt in a flexible manner its security to its respective growing computing power.

As far as I know, bitcoin already adapts its mining difficulty to the frequency of block generation, I wonder if some kind of similar automatic protection would be possible to do regarding the security of the hashing algorithm itself.

So, can someone with more knowledge on cryptography clarify this to me?

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PSA: SegWit changes the format of data returned by JSON-RPC API, thus making it backward-incompatible (reddit.com)

As far as I know, all soft-forks so far were backwards-compatible, i.e. a piece of software working with JSON-RPC API doesn’t need to be upgraded when a soft-fork is activated. For example, OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY will interpreted by old software as OP_NOP2, which is harmless. But SegWit is different in this respect because it changes data formats. For example, suppose you use getblock API to get raw block contents and parse it using bitcore-lib to extract some useful information of new…