Indian Authorities Investigate Darknet and Bitcoin Roles in Drug Trafficking

Indian authorities are investigating two syndicates selling drugs over the darknet using bitcoin. R.R. Bhatnagar, the director general of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), said that for the first time, the bureau has detected drug dealers using bitcoin and the darknet operating illegal drug trafficking in India. The NCB investigations have indicated that some of […]

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Sleek Lawnmower update (

I thought after the removal of the spare change that these guys were dead, but the new update they just launched is actually really well done. Don’t think I’ve seen developers put this much work into an app in the Bitcoin scene before. I reached out to one of the devs after their last update to give a bit of feedback and find out why they changed direction and was pleasantly surprised with how open they were with me in detailing their shift and upcoming plans. Keep up the good work guys!…


How do you track your trades?

US tax law requires tracking Bitcoin buys and sales so you can report you gains and loses. Does anyone have a fancy spreadsheet which manages FIFO or LIFO asset matching and lets you know %gains and other interesting stats? I've only made a handful of trades, so it wouldn't be hard for me to manage my history by hand, but if someone has something automated, I'd love to see it.

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p2sh bitcore – “unsupported output”

I tried funding a P2SH (2 ouf 2) address with Bitcore…

I built the corresponding tx. I believe it s correctly formed (I tried comparing it with ms-wallet webpage output).

When trying to sign it, I got the following error. What do they mean with “unsupported output”

publicKeys [ , ] script a9142f714a1380b1dd7eacc7d0f8eeb8941f2b75a6ad87

{ txId: '050e4cc3b010bb49f22fc20a6a7132dae3c3398fbde7c64db3038810bef111c4',   outputIndex: 1,   address: <Address: 361sQ3RHas339jtLvNAJXmMPTqgx3kQVMm, type: scripthash, network: livenet>,   script: 'a9142f714a1380b1dd7eacc7d0f8eeb8941f2b75a6ad87',   satoshis: 136000 } 


function fundTx (publicKeyClient, publicKeyServer, dep) {   var publicKeys = [     publicKeyClient,     publicKeyServer   ];   var requiredSignatures = 2;   var address = new bitcore.Address(publicKeys, requiredSignatures);   var script = new bitcore.Script(address).toHex();   var clientAddress = publicKeyClient.toAddress().toString();    console.log("publicKeys", publicKeys)   console.log("script", script)   return blockchainInfo.unspent(clientAddress)     .then(function (output) {       var utxo = {         "txId" : output.tx_hash_big_endian,         "outputIndex" : output.tx_output_n,         "address" : address,         "script" : script,         "satoshis" : output.value       };        console.log(utxo);       var transaction = new bitcore.Transaction()         .from(utxo)         .to(address, dep).sign(privateKey);        console.log(transaction);       return transaction;     }); } ```  Unhandled rejection Abstract Method Invocation: Trying to sign unsupported output type (only P2PKH and P2SH multisig inputs are supported) for input: {"prevTx Id":"050e4cc3b010bb49f22fc20a6a7132dae3c3398fbde7c64db3038810bef111c4","outputIndex":1,"sequenceNumber":4294967295,"script":"","scriptString":"","output":{"sa toshis":136000,"script":"a9142f714a1380b1dd7eacc7d0f8eeb8941f2b75a6ad87"}} Error 

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