About how the bitcoin network changes the difficulty of mining

As far as I currently know, the difficulty is changed every 2016 blocks.But as for the number 2016, I have a few questions. Does it mean the blocks generated in whole network or just the 2015 blocks generated in the same chain before it?Or, in other words, when difficulty changes, does it only affect one chain(maybe main chain or side chain) or the whole network.

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Open letter to Roger Ver

Roger Ver, have you gone mad?

The drama that you have created and the timing of it, is astonishing. Why are you trying to block real bitcoin innovations under the guises of censorship of /r/bitcoin?

Look at all the applications that are planning on using SegWit.


These are the people that create value in Bitcoin. Without apps, Bitcoin is a pump and dump. They provide numerous avenues of speculation and excitement about what the future may hold. Compare that to a hardfork, which will probably result in two coins or a blocksize increase, which doesn't even make a dent in the number of people we want to onboard.

SegWit makes developers jobs easier, ensures decentralization is not threatened, increases throughput, creates extensions for unlimited off-chain scaling, fixes issues for on chain scaling, encourages coinjoins for fungibility, and is a softfork.

If you haven't seriously read the benefits of segwit, please do, and also think about it from the developer's perspective.


Also consider the day that SegWit activates and how the entire ecosystem will remember you.

I know that you've done a lot for Bitcoin. I used to appreciate your Bitcoin sign off of Lawrence Express Way, but now I want to drop kick it.

You are behaving like a child and you will be remembered for this. Between your MtGox endorsement and your actions over the past month, you might be the worst person in Bitcoin.

So for each percent that SegWit increases, I say, go fuck yourself Roger Ver!

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I lost my bitcoins . Please help me

Hello My bitcoin address : 1NrReaHSjdZEf97c8Rymm4T5v6g2HKfugE


Client used : Multibit 0.5.15

Today i had received 3.1 btc from somebody .

I opened by multibit and i have received the btc.

I tried to transfer this money into my trading account . While doing this it asked for 0.0001 transfer fee so i entered an amount for 3.0999 to transfer.

Next i see another transaction which is not yet confirmed ( says confirmed by 1 peer ) and shows a SQUARE box beside the transaction . I wasted for few hours and started worrying , i read some post about 0.0001 fee being ignored by the relay .

I have gone through this post – > https://www.multibit.org/v0.5/help_support_sentBitcoinFromMultibitButTheyAreStuck.html

And i had reset by blockchain in multibit cliet. I was expecting for the balance to show . But to my surprise this is what happened

1) The transcation to my trading account was disappeared from the transactions list and there was no balance

Have a look here – > postimg.org/image/4xss0y84r/

But when you look at block chain network . It shows remaining balance : 3.1

Please anybody help me.

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