What’s a cheaper place to buy and sell bitcoin than CoinBase?

I live in the US and coinbase charges 1.49% per buy and sell. It seems kinda ridiculous that I have to pay 2.98% just to break even on a trade. I’ve done 1 trade so far and I’m looking for a cheaper exchange. I’m quite new so I’m wondering if someone can recommend a popular exchange that is cheaper.

Thank you.

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Is it possible to spy when all victim addresses known?

I’m new one for bitcoins and trying to figure out some question about bitcoin and blockchain technology. So my question is simple – if it possible to spy on victim, if criminal (or government) somehow got all (or most part of) payment bitcoin addresses of the victim? Also is it possible to know how much money this person have?

And if there some mechanism to avoid such a person-address-binding and be able to stay anonymous with my payments online (I’m not a drug dealer, seriously, just curious!).

Best regards!

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