Bitcoin not confirmed for two hours now. ( Estimated Confirmation Time Very Soon (High Priority) This has been the same for two hours. Transaction fee paid: 0.00004614 BTC. This is the third time I’ve had issues transferring BTC (I use Electrum). Confirmations take 1-2 hours every time. I have to sleep!


Why Bitcoin core creates time locked transactions by default?

I’ve noticed recently that Bitcoin Core is producing transactions with non-zero lock-time and sequence numbers of inputs being 0xFFFFFFFE, even though I didn’t instruct it to do so. The lock-time appears to be current block number.

  • What is the reason for this behavior?
  • What is the algorithm for setting sequence number?

(I know that at least one input must have sequence number less than 0xFFFFFFFF. Does the Core set just first input or all inputs? I couldn’t check this because I have no transaction with more than one input.)

Thank you for your answers!

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