ALERT: New Bitcoin scam wallet added to Apple Store. Please report if you can to help prevent theft for the community (details inside)


Unfortunately it seems like another scam wallet has been added to the Apple Store, this time it's based on Mycelium's code. I've helped expose nearly 25 scam wallets on iOS (which have all been taken down). They all share similar characteristics, and the big giveaway for this one which many of those scams shared is it's copyright is "Wallet".

Stay away from this wallet and report it!

FastWallet – Wallet for Bitcoin. by Truong Huyen

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Bitcoin-qt requesting reindex on already indexed blockchain data directory

To save time, I synced the blockchain on my laptop for import to my Raspberry Pi node. I had set txindex=1. When setting txindex=1 on my Raspberry Pi and pointing the data directory to my previously synced blockchain, launching bitcoin-qt warns me that reindex must be requested if txindex previously was set to 0.

This doesn’t seem right. I’ve already indexed these blocks. Is there a way for me to move my synced and indexed blockchain from one machine to another without having to reindex?

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