Bitfinex Announces It Will Resume Trading Today

The Hong Kong-based bitcoin exchange announced today that it will resume trading after halting the exchange following a security breach that saw $ 65 million worth of bitcoins stolen earlier this month. In an announcement, Bitfinex said that trading will recommence at 16:00 UTC today with exchange trading enabled for all currencies and pairs. Deposits and […]

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Wallets that support payment channels?

I know that maybe it’s a bit early to start asking Wallets to implement Lightning Network connections even if the majority don’t support SegregatedWitness yet.

But how about Payment Channels? In theory they have already been out there since long ago, and as far as I understand, they are not affected by transaction malleability if not combined with other channels forming a (lightning) network. So then, is there any wallet out there that already implements them? I only find libraries (such as BitcoinJ) that have support for them, but not wallets.

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