Shouldn't have done that … (

I heard mention of a gambling site. I thought it’d be fun to try $ 10, I ended up doubling it over the course of 20 or so mins. I got confident and then lost it all. I figured it wasn’t too hard to do and I’d make it back. Well I quadrupled it from another $ 10 and surprise surprise, lost it. In total I just lost $ 30 and it’s the first time I’ve really gambled. Feeling really stupid and I won’t be visiting sites like that again. I’m amazed at the ease of which I could gamble actual value and…


Payment processor question

Let’s say I have this scenario:

a customer has a bitcoin wallet. He/she shares the public key with a website. The website is a payment processor which lets the customer accept bitcoin payments.

The website generates a new address (based on the customer public key and a nonce) and watches the address for incoming transactions. Is this sufficient for the customer to see a balance increase on his/her wallet?

The customer wallet never sees the nonce so probably something is wrong in my reasoning.

What am I missing here?

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Can you “undo” an nlockTime transaction by spending a single UTXO of it before lockTime’s block happens?

Let’s say I have a wallet X with money from 3 unspent outputs (UTXOs) A, B and C.

I make an nlocktime transaction to spend 2 of my 3 UTXOs (A & B), 1 month in the future, sign it, and give it to someone (actually the recipient of the funds) so that this person can broadcast it later.

Now, let’s say, before the nlocktime’s block happens, I go and spend one of the UTXOs of the nlocktime transaction (A).

Will the person that receive the month-later transaction be able to spend the UTXO B in the end? Or would my 2nd transaction render the nlocktime transaction invalid?


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