I have Bitcoin Core 0.13.1 (64-bit) and I can’t do prune

First I close Bitcon Core…

The size of Bitcoin Core it is 105GB and I want to do prune so I can have only 2 GB. I make a notepad file named bitcoin.conf and then I write inside prune=2000 or I even tried prune=<2000>

Then I have put this file at the installed dir or I created the folder Bitcoin and I have put the notepad file in there at the path C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin

After all these I open the Bitcoin Core but nothing happens, it still is 105 GB.

What I am doing wrong, please help me, I can’t understand!

Have a nice year!

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sign and verify a message in Bitcoin Core 0.13.1 (OSX)?

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Verifying a bitcoin trx on the Unix cmd line with OpenSSL?

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How does the ECDSA verification algorithm work during transaction?

I use the pizza trx, and verify at the command line (using openssl), that produces expected result. When I want to check in graphical BITCOIN QT 0.13.1 client, s.th. fails. What I did so far:

I have these values in the files:

pizza.sighex 30450221009908144ca6539e09512b9295c8a27050d478fbb96f8addbc3d075544dc41328702201aa528be2b907d316d2da068dd9eb1e23243d97e444d59290d2fddf25269ee0e  pizza.keyhex 3056301006072a8648ce3d020106052b8104000a034200 042e930f39ba62c6534ee98ed20ca98959d34aa9e057cda01cfd422c6bab3667b76426529382c23f42b9b08d7832d4fee1d6b437a8526e59667ce9c4e9dcebcabb  pizza.hash2 c2d48f45d7fbeff644ddb72b0f60df6c275f0943444d7df8cc851b3d55782669 

(Attention: in the original webpage the double hash was given by amaclin in reversed order!)

 $   xxd -r -p <pizza.sighex >pizza.sigraw  $   xxd -r -p <pizza.keyhex | openssl pkey -pubin -inform der >pizza.keypem  $   xxd -r -p <pizza.hashhex >pizza.hash2  $   openssl pkeyutl <pizza.hash2 -verify -pubin -inkey pizza.keypem -sigfile pizza.sigraw 

–> Signature Verified Successfully

now try in Bitcoin Core, the uncompressed public key hashes to this Bitcoin address:


The signature as base64 encoded string:

$   echo 30450221009908144ca6539e09512b9295c8a27050d478fbb96f8addbc3d075544dc41328702201aa528be2b907d316d2da068dd9eb1e23243d97e444d59290d2fddf25269ee0e | base64 - 


Entered into the QT client, I always get a “Message verification failed”. So I try from scratch, I go to the tab “sign message”, and enter this: pubkey hash:


hash value:


and click “sign”, to receive a base64 (?) encoded string:


Now I should be able to enter these three values in the verify tab, so I cut and paste them into the fields, and they fail as well. I couldn’t find any relevant information on how to use the Bitcoin Core 13.1 client. I am looking for some description or some reference, that explains underlying logic. Any help appreciated 🙂

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HELP – bit coin core wallet 0.13.1 shutdown with debug record

I downloaded bitcoin core 0.13.1 after starting the program gives me an error:

2016-11-09 18:38:17 IO error: C:\Users\PC\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin\chainstate4129.ldb: Impossibile eseguire la richiesta a causa di un errore di dispositivo I/O. 2016-11-09 18:38:17 *** System error while flushing: Database I/O error

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