1.2k BTC frozen – The man who is lost in the world

Hope you guys haven’t forgotten about me!

As most of you probably know, I’m the lone person in a fight against Binance, who blocked my account over 2 months ago. To recap, they blocked my account that had 1200 BTC in it and were really cryptic with me throughout the whole process as I was trying to get it unblocked. They changed their reason for blocking 3 times and barely answer any of my messages or questions.

“Why do you keep posting?”, you might ask. It’s apparent Binance isn’t going to give me a real answer and they won’t work any harder to help me. Why is this? Well Binance is a huge exchange and I’m just one person, and that’s exactly the problem. As I’m only one person, what I am to them in the grand scheme of things? I’m just trying to navigate my way through their world, and it’s not easy. These big exchanges like Binance have so much power, especially with regards to our money. It’s not very professional of them to not answer any of my messages and to just ignore me in general. It makes them look bad when every time they do answer (on the rare occasion they do) it’s just some prewritten message that they could send to everybody. It really shows that they don’t have respect for one single person and I’m dispensable to them.

As an individual, I’ve trusted Binance and helped build their platform as many others like me have done. So for them to just ignore that fact and treat me like I’m disposable is just bad business. Big exchanges can learn to operate with good service and use it as a way to attract new people. Disregarding single users is only going to worsen their reputation and they could use this instance as a way to make their exchange better, even though I doubt they will.

Anyways, if they don’t care about me, they probably won’t care about you either. I know this has happened with other people and it ends the same way – because we are only one person, they can just ignore us. In general, I just want everyone to be aware of what big exchanges can do and ask people to pay attention so it doesn’t happen to you. Also, thank you to anyone who has helped me and continues to stand with me in my fight against them. I’m only one person so it’s relieving to know that people out there support me.

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