Bitcoin ATMs Reach 3061 in Number, 1000 added since December, Installations Growing at 10 Percent a Month

Notable stats:

Average machine does 30k a month in sales at an approx 9 percent gross margin

3 million a day in total sales for all machines

90 percent of sales are cash for bitcoin

10 percent are bitcoin for cash

340 Machines added in April


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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Poland this Friday 13:00 protest against 1000% tax on btc

PL gov decided to apply PCC tax (1% of value of each trade) to BTC. This means bot owners could owe more then 100% in tax, they can lose all BTC and be in debt.

Today on Friday 19th at 13:00 PL we start a demonstration against this incredibly stupid move, in front of tax ministry.

One poster for it

Please share especially to any Polish friends.

Poland really needs to recognize BTC as foreign currency and stop being most backwards in this topic in entire Europe.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet