If the Bitcoin price rises to over $1M, that would give ~100k bitcoiners “Ultra High Net Worth Individual” status (+$50M). With worldwide UHNWIs projected at only ~200k by 2022, this means the Bitcoin 1% could by then make up 30-50% of the world’s financial elites.

If the Bitcoin price rises to over $  1M, that would give ~100k bitcoiners "Ultra High Net Worth Individual" status (+$  50M). With worldwide UHNWIs projected at only ~200k by 2022, this means the Bitcoin 1% could by then make up 30-50% of the world's financial elites. submitted by /u/Bitcoin_21
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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Bitcoin Price More Likely $100 Than $100K in a Decade: Harvard Economist

Bitcoin may be recouping some of its earlier losses, but there's more likelihood it goes to $ 100 than $ 100,000 in ten years from now, Kenneth Rogoff, a Harvard University professor and economists told CNBC. During an interview on CNBC's “Squawk Box,” Rogoff predicted that in a decade from now …
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I made solar moon names for every price milestone Bitcoin hits, up to 100k (reddit.com)

Lets call our milestones by moon names to start at 5k with Moon 🙂 Earth – Moon 5k Mars – Deimos 10k Jupiter – Io 15k – Europa 20k – Ganymede 25k – Callisto 30k Saturn – Mimas 35k – Enceladus 40k – Dione 45k – Titan 50k – Hyperian 55k – Lapetus 60k Uranus – Miranda 65k – Ariel 70k – Titania 75k – Oberon 80k Neptune – Triton 85k – Nereid 90k Pluto – Charon 95k Eris


Kraken USD Withdrawal issues. Over $100K in limbo and the explanation doesn’t make sense? :/

So I posted originally here about how I'm having an odd issue wiring USD from Kraken's bank in Japan to my USD deposit account in Canada. For the life of me, I have no idea what the trouble is and the explanation doesn't make sense. If someone can educate or otherwise help me, I'd really appreciate it.

I've recieved plenty of int'l wires before, in USD and CAD and I've triple and quadruple checked the information I've sent to Kraken. From what I can tell, I've provided exactly what they need. So imagine my surprise when this popped up in my inbox yesterday; and it referenced GBP even though nowhere in the process of setting up a wire did I state any want for GPB…so that's also a little odd.


Eliah from the Kraken Client Engagement Team here. I am contacting you about your latest withdrawal attempt through SMBC SWIFT in [CURRENCY], withdrawal [WITHDRAWAL ID].

Unfortunately, this withdrawal has not been carried out and has the status "Failure" on your account as you did not include all the details necessary to carry out the withdrawal successfully. It looks like you did not provide complete details for the bank account in question. As such, please update the bank account information to include all of the following:

  • Intermediary Bank
  • Intermediary Branch
  • Intermediary Address
  • Intermediary SWIFT/BIC

When you have entered this you can carry out another withdrawal in GBP to this bank account and it should succeed. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns and I will be happy to address them.

I've never needed intermediary bank information and for my account at the Royal Bank of Canada, I'm completely sure that use of their intermediary (JP Morgan Chase) is only for sending USD to Canada FROM the United States and only in certain cases. When I phone my bank to ask about this they initially told me they didn't even have that info and when I pressed them and found it on my own, they insisted that I should not have to supply intermediary bank information and caution me that including intermediary info' could delay receipt of my wire. Indeed, I can't imagine why the intermediary is even required. It just doesn't make sense to me. In my many experiences with this, only the standard SWIFT+Client Name+Bank Name+Bank Address+Account#+Transit# have ever been required, but if someone could more clearly help me understand if something is different here, I'd be very grateful to be educated.

I don't get why my wire failed or what information they really need. I could supply them the intermediary information, but it doesn't make sense to use the intermediary because Royal Bank of Canada is entirely capable of receiving a SWIFT transmission that originates in Japan and is denominated in USD.

So…what the heck?

/u/krakensupport I'm getting anxious as heck. I know you folks are backlogged but I'm in the middle of moving overseas and this is going to set me back rather notably if this draws out for too long. I guess I'm ultimately hoping to get someone's attention because it seems like the solution to this should be relatively simple if a human touch/intervention is given more than a passing thought. Edit: My support ticket # is 370214

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