Andrew Yang’s Crazy UBI Plan: Give Lazy Freeloaders $12,000 Every Year for Doing Nothing

Last month, Democratic rising star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came under fire for a line in the Green New Deal that promised security for those “unwilling to work.” Her team quickly lied about it, claiming GOP doctoring, before eventually chalking it up to an “early draft” that was accidentally released. But Universal Basic Income (UBI) is gaining traction among Democratic candidates, and now Andrew Yang is running for president with just one promise: free money for all. Andrew Yang’s UBI Plan: $ 12,000 in Free Money Every Year Yang, a former education entrepreneur and founder of Venture for America, claims on his website

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For the price to remain the same, it means people (and institutions) are buying at least more than 12,000 BTC every single week.

I think many institutions are buying quietly before the next rally and before the next halving:

This is a great time to accumulate. The upside potential overweighs many times any downside risk. And with the stock market peaking, more money will start flowing into Bitcoin.

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