From 1993 to 2009 Bill Gates invested $1B+ into Encarta the online encyclopedia but was eventually crushed by Wikipedia. This should be a lesson for financial institutions trying to understand Bitcoin. Currently BTC is where Wikipedia was in the early 2000`s. Watch out banks.

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I want to start mining new blockchain (exactly as Satoshi did in 2009) for testing purpose

I will mine myself ONLY so difficulty will be always in 1 range so CPU is enough for this task

So my question is: how to setup bitcoin core 0.12 to start mining with CPU new blockchain ?

If I type in the console: setgenerate true and wait a few hours it’s possible to mine first block with 50 BTC (of course with internet connection OFF to prevent download blocks)?

I know that this BTC will be worthless ATM (without $ value) but I want to do that anyway to better understand mining process

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