I used Western Union to wire 4000 dollars to my family back in the Middle East. I paid 78 dollars in transfer fees and 116 dollars in currency exchange fees. Let that sink in

I also choose the cash option if I were to go with a debit card the fee was going to be 320 dollars

Do you see the money being made? Does it make sense now why they try to fight a public ledger that anybody can view and use?

Borderless currency without those greedy entities telling us what to do

I’m butthurt

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Bitcoin will fall to $4000 before any sustained bounce, analyst predicts

Cryptocurrency prices gave up some gains Wednesday with the No. 1 digital currency drifting back below $ 7,000 as bullish traders hold their breath. The swings in crypto prices over the past week have been indicative of the wider market, marked by listless, directionless trade. “The market remains …
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Markets Update: Bitcoin Cash Rallies to $4000 — While BTC Markets Dip (news.bitcoin.com)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has experienced dramatic bullish action recently, gaining over 100% against USD in just three days. As of this writing, BCH is consolidating at approximately $ 3,800 after breaking above $ 4,000 for the first time ever. BCH’s bullish momentum has coincided with a more than 20% drop in the price of bitcoin core (BTC).
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