CNN is putting out misleading and biased information about cryptocurrency

I thought I would raise awareness of this issue with the community.

CNN does not appreciate cryptocurrency. They have gone to such a degree as to put misleading point of views on their front page.

One point I would like to make is that CNN may be trying to make cryptocurrency and Bitcoin look like "fool's gold", just plain silly. In every single Bitcoin/crypto article published by CNN I have read, they have almost always brought up "TrumpCoin" and "PotCoin". And you know that marijuana is a drug perceived by the public akin to heroine/coke and, well, CNN just doesn't like Trump.

They also like to report more dumps that happen in the Bitcoin charts. Today, they published a "I invested in Bitcoin and I lost all my money" article again. It's just infuriating.

On a personal note, look at the thumbnail.

That's the basic Binance chart that loads when you go into "Advanced" charts. What is this guy doing, charting online on Binance? lol

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