Tel Aviv Court Forces Bank to Accept Funds From Sale of Bitcoin

Hapoalim claimed that there was a reasonable basis for concern that the sale of bitcoin was linked to money laundering and financing of terror, this despite the existence of documents indicating the exact source of the funds used for the purchase in this case and enabling ability to track the money from …
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We are super proud to announce that Vaultoro is now officially the first bitcoin exchange to accept lightning network deposits. AMA us

We where the first exchange to have a full physical allocated gold trading pair,

we where the first exchange to build a full transparency protocol called the glass books protocol after Mtgox Goxed everyone,

we where the first exchange to push for the UASF and now…

we are the first exchange to offer lightning network payments on the mainnet. (SUPER BETA). Feel free to AMA us

NOTE: I'm at chainges conference in Amsterdam where we announced it so I will be back online later. *Joshua Scigala CEO

CryptoAnarchy is alive and growing everyday. Peace.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

in my opinion what we really need now is an easy way to accept LN payments

It's now very easy to pay LN invoices, so easy in fact that there's even an app out on android and that was a huge step.

I ordered a sticker the other day and read articles on and it's amazing, if you haven't tried it yet definitely grab a handful of satoshi and try it for yourself.

With that done the bottleneck in public testing has now moved on to accepting payments, it still takes quite a bit of work and technical knowledge to set up a node etc. In fact I'm currently struggling through that myself (new node soon yeay) and I'm not stupid but it's hard and takes considerable effort.

I can't wait until some sort of easier way comes along, maybe even a buffer that takes LN payments and forwards substantial sums to a BTC address.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet