Bitcoin Boom Draws Record Number of Indian Investors According to Exchanges

“The extent of interest in Bitcoins is at unprecedented levels. Every time prices increase, investors who were sitting on the fence and were skeptical do enter the ecosystem. This time it almost feels like mainstream adoption, something I have never experienced before, because now we are seeing interest …
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According to Coinbase revised 'clarification' miners can change any consensus rules unilaterally (

According to Coinbase and Gemini whatever chain has the most POW “is bitcoin”. This means that miners are allowed to change any and all consensus rules, even the 21 million coin limit, freely and at will because they control 51% hashpower. According to their statements this is only criteria. Not consensus from the market, economic majority, node operators, or technical community. Just hashpower and nothing more. They should have stuck with the original statement. BTC is BTC. And S2X is S2X….


According to Guy Corem ex Spondoolies CEO there was a meeting in NY that Barry Silbert arranged and an agreement was made, it will be published in the morning NY time.

Quoting all his messages from the post:
++ "a hydrogen bomb is coming"

++ "I wasn't expecting this to be the result" (of the whole HF/Segwit saga).

++ An answer to the question "is there an agreement?" he replied "it's quite on sided hence the use of hydrogen bomb".

++ "it's coming, he just emailed good to go" (probably quoting a message he received).

++ "to my defense I would say that we are witnessing an historic event".

++ answering the question "is there a time frame ? " (for the news to be published) he said "how much can I nag him, eventually he will block me " (referring to his source).

++ "don't be mad. he (the source) is going back to every one who signed the original agreement and checking if they agree to the version agreed at the meeting".

++ "will probably publish first thing in the AM in NY" (quoting his source).

++ "I thought he will publish according to those attended the actual meeting and then add the rest (whoever agrees)" (talking about the actions of his source).

++ "there is a convention in NY in that convention there was a meeting arranged by Barry Silbert. they reached agreement. tomorrow morning NY time it will be published".

edit: some picture I capture for proof it's in Hebrew but there is one part I quoted in English.

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