Bitcoin Lightning Network enabled Self Order Point in action

Bitcoin Lightning Network enabled Self Order Point in action

This is our Self Order Point in action. Scan a QR code, pay it with your #LightningNetwork enabled wallet and get a random generated order name that you can mention to pick up your order at the coffee bar inside.

Located in Bern, Switzerland, near the main train station.


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Bitcoin sees muted action, consolidates after drop under key, long-term trend line

A single bitcoin last traded at $ 8,847.25, down 2.5%, since Wednesday levels at 5 p.m. Eastern Time on Kraken. Despite the decline Wednesday, industry participants remain upbeat, with the price of bitcoin still 30% off its April low. “Overall things remain positive,” said Charles Hayter, co-founder of …
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Markets Update: Bears Return to Crypto Markets for Some Action (

On April 25 digital assets are seeing volatile price declines today across cryptocurrency markets worldwide. Over the past 24-hours, the entire cryptocurrency market capitalization has lost more than $ 30Bn since our last markets update. Bitcoin Core (BTC) market prices are averaging $ 8,920 right now after tumbling to the $ 8,700 territories earlier today. Bitcoin (BCH) market values have also dropped from their $ 1,550 high and currently hover around the $ 1,270 zone.
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Class Action Complaint Accuses Coinbase of ‘Insider Trading’ (

A class action lawsuit was filed against Coinbase this past Thursday on March 1 accusing the exchange of ‘insider trading’ for the bitcoin cash launch last December. The complaint filed by the plaintiff is demanding a jury trial for losses incurred on behalf of himself and the other customers involved.
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Coinbase Hit with 2 Class Action Lawsuits: Accused of Insider Bitcoin Cash Trading

Bitcoin exchange Coinbase was hammered with two federal class action lawsuits in two days, with one accusing employees of insider trading of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). In the first lawsuit, the plaintiffs claim Coinbase executives illegally profited by trading on non-public information that the exchange had …
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