This sub has paid bearish marketing campaigns active.

Every time there is a sudden price rise suddenly certain accounts start to constantly post negative Bitcoin articles.

u/JeremyTremp and u/connorculpin are just two examples of these accounts. Two accounts doing the same thing that both use a full first and last name. Now if you look at their post history:-


Has Bitcoin Entered the Doom Loop? submitted an hour ago by JeremyTremp

Bitcoin skids under $ 6,000, closing in on 60 percent loss for the year submitted an hour ago by JeremyTremp

Today In Cryptocurrency: Apple Bans Crypto Mining, South Korean Exchange Hacked submitted 42 minutes ago by JeremyTremp

The other one:- submitted 28 minutes ago by connorculpin

Bitcoin skids under $ 6,000, closing in on 60 percent loss for the year submitted an hour ago by connorculpin

Some Cryptocurrency Investors Are Giving Up on Bitcoin—and Cashing Out of Coinbase submitted an hour ago by connorculpin

3 Things That Are Holding Bitcoin Prices Down submitted an hour ago by connorculpin

Bitcoin price news: Why is bitcoin falling? What is the price of BTC today? submitted an hour ago by connorculpin


I have put absolutely zero effort into this, I clicked "New" and saw a strangely high number of negative posts in spite of the positive news to do with the Bitcoin ETF and the sudden upwards price movement and I checked the profiles.

This is obviously malicious activity in various Crypto subs right now. I'm not offering any opinion on why this might be or who is responsible, but it clear that it is happening.


Edit: The mods are doing an excellent job in opposing these, but the fact remains people(s) are trying to do it. I have no doubt on this basis there are "normal" users that are also part of spreading a negative outlook at this time.

Edit 2: Just found another one u/VeolaRosse, exactly the same name style as the other two, doing the EXACT same thing. This is beyond doubt at this point.

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