Whoever has just added 6+Exahash power to BTC in the last month, thank you from the BCH community

I thank you for not diverting your hash rate to BCH and doing an overwhelming attack on the BCH network that would cost BCH investors unaware of this real risk a small fortune.

It would clearly be trivial to rob anyone who was daft enough to put money into the BCH network these days now that sort of power has been wielded.

For instance someone controlling that sort of hashing power (6+Exahashes) could easily pull off a 51% attack on the insecure BCH network with a mere 4 Exahashes protecting it.

A simple deposit of say 1000 BCH (Today's value of around $ 600k) to an exchange, wait for 2-3 blocks of deposit time, exchange to BTC, withdraw the BTC (Around 85BTC at writing), now fork the BCH chain to reissue the last 5-6 BCH blocks (perhaps taking 1-2 hours) merely omitting your original BCH transaction and ta-dah you have that 1000BCH back to double spend on another exchange and gained $ 600k of real value. If people were still in la-la land believing BCH was secure and continued using it you could simply repeat-rinse until they got the message.

Yes that exchange would bar you from depositing BCH again but nothing stopping others opening accounts and doing the same since the BCH network is simply pwned at this stage. (I have no idea how a decentralised exchange could even offer any protection out there for BCH holders at the moment other than merely dropping the coin).

The fact that you haven't done this and making meagre profits mining (6ExaHash/54Exahash = 11% of the block rewards = $ 11% of $ 12m per day = $ 1m per day) even though you could generate probably $ 1m+ in an hour of attacking BCH shows you believe in BTC and have ethics.

I'm not confident other miners would be so selfless so perhaps this is more a PSA that if you own any BCH this is a very real risk to be aware of as the attack would happen quickly.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Bitcoin ATMs Reach 3061 in Number, 1000 added since December, Installations Growing at 10 Percent a Month

Notable stats:

Average machine does 30k a month in sales at an approx 9 percent gross margin

3 million a day in total sales for all machines

90 percent of sales are cash for bitcoin

10 percent are bitcoin for cash

340 Machines added in April

Sources: https://coinatmradar.com/charts/ https://coinatmradar.com/blog/category/bitcoin-atm/statistics/ https://coinatmradar.com/blog/revenue-and-costs-of-running-a-bitcoin-atm/

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Bitcoin added as reward on Xenogifts

Today we are happy to anounce that Bitcoin, amongst other Cryptocurrencies, has been added as Rewards to be redeemed with Xenocoins. Those Xenocoins can be earned by completing various tasks, like watching videos or completing surveys.

You can read more in our blog post:


If you are already registered for Xenogifts, you can find the cryptocurrencies here

Have fun!

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Decentralized exchange, Bisq, to launch their first USD liquidity week Monday 2/26. BTC/USD trading fees reduced by 75%, new payment methods recently added (venmo, cash app, +more). Only problem is they are busy coding, not doing PR + marketing. Let’s help spread the word!

If you have access to USD payment methods, put an order in the order book for a week, and help encourage USD liquidity growth.

Text of their email newsletter:

Greetings, Bisq users!

Tomorrow—Monday Feb 26th—begins Bisq’s first-ever USD liquidity week. It’s an effort to bootstrap BTC/USD trading activity to a level where organic growth can really take off.

Sound interesting? If you have access to US payment methods and are eager to see Bisq’s BTC/USD market grow, you can help!

First, upgrade to Bisq v0.6.6, where you’ll find several new features that make trading and market making better than ever:

  1. Trading fees have been reduced by 75%. It now costs just 0.00005 BTC to make an offer at market price.

  2. Several popular US payment methods have been added, including Cash App, Venmo, Popmoney, Uphold and ACH/WIRE.

  3. You can now deactivate and reactivate your offers with no loss of trading or mining fees.

Next, you can do any or all of the following:

Join us on YouTube at 11a Pacific / 2p Eastern, where Bisq contributors Chris Beams and Felix Moreno will screencast a live BTC/USD Bisq trade using Cash App as the payment method.

Be a USD market maker for the week. This will mean keeping one or more BTC/USD offers open throughout the week. We’ll discuss the details and take your questions during the live stream.

Spread the word. Follow @bisq_network and retweet tomorrow’s live stream announcement and other news about USD liquidity week. Let's see how big this thing can get.

Thanks for your support!

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet