MtGox Civil Rehabilitation claims now open. EVERYONE WHO CLAIMED IN THE PAST MUST CLAIM AGAIN.

Announced today on MtGox's website:

People who never claimed in the past should be able to claim under Civil Rehabilation, so it is not too late.

Deadline is October 22nd 2018 to fill a claim. If you lost your credentials/old email used to sign on MtGox, you will not be able to claim online and will need to claim offline, so DO NOT WAIT.

If you submitted a claim in the past on MtGox or with Kraken, YOU NEED TO CLAIM AGAIN. The procedure changed from bankruptcy to civil rehabilitation and you need to submit a claim. I believe you might lose your claim if you do not submit one under the civil rehabilitation process as bankruptcy is no longer in play. Kraken is also no longer involved.

Under civil rehabilitation, your claim is not a fixed price per BTC at time of commencement of bankruptcy. Everyone will be entitled to their fair share of all remaining BTC held by the trustee. Claims will not be locked in at the 50058.12 JPY valuation per BTC and Mark will receive nothing. Value from claimed forks (BCH, etc) will also be distributed or sold then proceeds distributed.

All documents are published on the website. It's a long read, but all the details are there.

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Bitmain violatin GPLv3 license again this time for software in the Antminer Z9 firmware

I contacted Bitmain on August 4th 2018 via their support system to request the Complete Corresponding GPL source code to the cgminer 4.9.0 mining software that they use on the Antminer Z9. They have so far failed to comply with the request and their support agent "Barbara" has only given excuses for why it hasn't been uploaded yet. Giving GitHub repository links from back in 2016!.

The GPL licenses for the cgminer require they make complete source code available at the same time as the binary:

For an executable work, complete source code means all the source code for all modules it contains, plus any associated interface definition files, plus the scripts used to control compilation and installation of the executable.

What they have uploaded to their GitHub so far is outdated, incomplete and is missing components necessary to compile. The GPL also requires that they provide the source code for every firmware version they release, although I only requested they provide the source code for the latest version so far.

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