Alex Jones Tells Joe Rogan: George Soros Offered Me $5 Million to ‘Pump Bitcoin’

Alex Jones made his triumphant return to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast recently, where he discussed Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and his arch-nemesis, George Soros, among other things. Jones suggested that Soros had reached out to him via intermediaries in an attempt to cool the Infowars founder’s constant attacks on him. Part of the deal, according to Jones, meant agreeing to advertise, or in Jones’ words, ‘pump’ Bitcoin. ALEX JONES OFFERED MILLIONS TO PUMP BITCOIN PRICE On episode #1255 of the Joe Rogan Experience, Alex Jones told his host: “I got told eight years ago – I got told by two different

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Reminder: Bitcoin is still less than a rounding error on the global balance sheet. These Alex Jones-like conspiracy theories are hilarious + absurd (

Every other post sounds like some lunatic ranting about an evil international conspiracy against bitcoin. Which sends a chill down my spine because maybe the last place on earth I want to be is on their side and opposed to Warren Buffet on any issue, let alone an investment proposition lmao. Anyway I think many of you are overestimating how much people care about bitcoin. Economists and others might think it’s stupid. I disagree – there’s real promise in a decentralized digital store of…


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