Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bitcoin Bulls Find Respite Along Major Support Lines (

Over the last week, bitcoin has seen an aggressive markdown from the $ 12,000s to the $ 6,000s — a 50% move in 7 days. Right now, a battle between the bulls and the bears is under way as the market is trying to decide if today’s rally is a temporary bottom or a decisive end to the aggressive bitcoin bear market:Figure 1: BTC-USD, 1-Day Candles, Macro TrendTo date, the market has broken number lines of support including the daily 200 EMA. The daily 200 EMA has been a strong support for the last…


Bitcoin Group SE Shares Skyrocket Along with Bitcoin’s Ascent (

Shares of the company Bitcoin Group SE have skyrocketed along with the rise of bitcoin’s price. Its shares have almost doubled since the previous year. Their value moved from EUR 775 ($ 909.35) to EUR 1,770 ($ 2076.83) this year, according to a German financial press release. The company is now also trading on


Is it possible that bitcoin community along with core developers generate bitcoin out of thin air?

Let’s say Mr Bn invested 10 BTC on local vegetable shop. The town only accept bitcoin as a currency. One day local government decided to fight against revolutionary cryptocurrency bitcoin and ordered to shut down vegetable shop invested by Mr Bn permanently.

So my questions is can Mr Bn get his invested 10 BTC back, since it was destroyed by the local government. Is it possible that bitcoin community along with core developers upon investigation generate 10 BTC or less that equals to MR Bn invested amount into the system out of thin air and give it back to Mr Bn. I’m aware that right now it’s not possible but can it be implemented?

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