Bitcoin Expertise ‘Exploding’ Among Insurance Professionals in 2019: Study

Bitcoin and blockchain expertise in the insurance industry has “exploded” over the past two years, and insurers who ignore blockchain technology do so at their own peril, according to a new report from Aite Group, a global research and advisory firm. Insurance Professionals are Boning up on Bitcoin Individuals with technical expertise in both Bitcoin and insurance (based on LinkedIn profiles) soared from 102 in April 2017 to 5,418 in January 2019 (see Figure 1 below). Those with expertise in both blockchain and insurance rose even more dramatically: from 96 to 29,355. Blockchain technology, while not completely immature within the

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Bernie Sanders’ Favorability Is Sliding Among Democratic Voters

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is losing his hold on democratic voters. According to a recent CNN poll, only 46 percent of voters believe the Vermont Senator is a “favorable choice” for president. 45 percent list him as “unfavorable.” A Quinnipiac University poll from last December goes even lower, giving Sanders a favorability rating of only +2 points. Bernie Who? So, what happened? A June 2016 CNN poll shows Bernie Sanders boasting 59 percent favorability, higher than the 36 percent of surveyed voters that saw him as an unfavorable choice. What could cause such a drastic change in such a short

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Bitcoin’s White Paper Is Not a Bible – Stop Worshipping It – Samson Mow attempts to remind us the original post to the cypherpunk mail-list was to seed awareness among a intellectual group of hackers who might help improve an idea, not to provide a project scope or precise roadmap

Many people acknowledge October 31 2008 as the “birth” of Bitcoin by way of the white paper. These individuals are not recognizing the birth of the first block itself, but simply the birth of the idea being made by way of a public announcement to gain critical opinion and possibly further developmental support. A few clever people took his bait.

Mow writes a good summary as to why Satoshi's idea as described on 9 pages is not a technical scope document of a major software project and this difference is helpful by providing clarity and understanding.

The actual source code for the pre-release version came out November 16 2008, and version 0.1.0 on January 9th, 2009, after the Genisis Block was created. Satoshi himself stated his code began development at least 1.5 years prior.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Bearish Sentiment Pervades Among Bitcoin Analysts (

Three months since the peak of bitcoin’s meteoric multi-year bull trend, many analysts are predicting a bearish outlook for the BTC markets. Prominent Chinese trader, Zhao Dong, has described bitcoin as exhibiting four-year market cycles that resemble the seasons in a year, forecasting that the “winter” of cryptocurrency will set-in during 2019. Harvard professor, Kenneth Rogoff, recently predicted that bitcoin’s price will be a “tiny fraction” of its current value in “10 years.”