The number of times I’ve been told I’m “backing out of an agreement” is staggering. I’m fine with debating any 2X supporters, but drop that BS argument because NONE of us agreed to anything

It's amazing how heavily some 2X supporters lean on that nonsensical argument. My tendency is to think it's an extension of the endless "social contracts" the government forces onto everyone. We get so entrenched into thinking that if the "authority" decides something, everyone else has to follow.

In the Bitcoin network, at first glance, miners and large businesses appear to fill the role of "authority," and they have been absolutely furious that we didn't just roll over and install the client they said we were going to install.

It makes them all look like fools. As they should for thinking they can hold us to their agreements.

Again, I really don't want to throw salt here, and I would love to argue any legitimate points regarding a HF. But the accusation that we somehow have collectively "failed to keep our word" because someone "promised on our behalf" is some statist crap if I've ever heard it.

No core developers signed the agreement, therefore none are breaking promises.

None of this community signed the agreement. Therefore none of us are breaking any promise.

TL;DR The very reason I'm so unwaveringly against 2X is because of how aghast so many 2X supporters are that I have the audacity to disagree with what "The Almighty Miners" chose for me. I think it's far more important for those people to understand that they can't hold me to anything, and I'm here specifically for that feature.

My node runs 0.15

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I have found I stay w in my budget and acquire more BTC by simply asking myself before I buy anything is “Would I rather have ‘this’ or buy more BTC”. BTC always wins out. Give it a try the next time you think of buying something.

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Looks like bitcoin is poised for moon launch, is there anything I should be doing to secure my coins better?

Right now I keep most of my coins on an exchange, and i have my account secured with a solid password.

is there anything else I should be doing, like 2fa authentication?

Sorry if this seems dumb, only found out about bitcoin a year ago!

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