I have found I stay w in my budget and acquire more BTC by simply asking myself before I buy anything is “Would I rather have ‘this’ or buy more BTC”. BTC always wins out. Give it a try the next time you think of buying something.

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Looks like bitcoin is poised for moon launch, is there anything I should be doing to secure my coins better?

Right now I keep most of my coins on an exchange, and i have my account secured with a solid password.

is there anything else I should be doing, like 2fa authentication?

Sorry if this seems dumb, only found out about bitcoin a year ago!

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“If we can’t get to 95% consensus on SegWit, we can’t get to 95% consensus on anything” – Andreas Antonopolous

Sorry Andreas – I get the impression you don't like being quoted with this kinda thing.

Obviously everyone should do as much research as they possibly can and make their own minds up, but to the extent that the scaling debate has become politicised I think your voice can help clear some of the fog of war.

edit: quote was from this issue of Let's Talk Bitcoin. Also this more recent episode called Testify, where Andreas presents to the Australian Senate, was a seriously good listen. There's a lot of educating to be done on the topic of bitcoin, and we're lucky to have some very competent educators.

edit 2: if you only listen to one thing today skip to 22:48 on the Testify episode. The "Honestly, senator…" reply is gold.

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BitPay here! Ask us anything about our BitPay Card, the first US-wide prepaid debit card for bitcoiners. AMA!

Hi, everyone! James and Corey from BitPay here. Back in May, we launched the BitPay Card to give our users a valuable tool for living life on bitcoin. It lets bitcoiners in all 50 US states load a dollar balance from any bitcoin wallet for 0% fees, shop anywhere Visa is accepted, and get cash at any Visa-compatible ATMs.

We've been fielding a lot of great questions about the Card here on /r/Bitcoin, so we'd love to answer your questions and get your feedback on how you've been using it.

Ask us anything!

Learn more about why we launched the Card

EDIT, 10:30 PM ET: Thanks to all of you for dropping by and asking some great questions tonight. Corey and I are turning in now, but we've had a blast talking about the Card with you. We'll get back to working on it, and we hope you'll give it a shot!

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