Macransom Bitcoin Ransomware Attacks Apple Users (

Internet security experts are warning of new Mac-targeting viruses available for sale on the darknet.
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Macransom Is Available for Purchase on the Darknet – Leading to Concerns About the Potential for the Virus to Spread Rapidly


Wrong fee to high because of a bug in Bitkey app Apple

I am new here, hello, yesterday evening I sold 0,99930000 Bitcoins with my Bitkey app. But I was very suprised when it went wrong, and it was seen as a minersfee which Haobtc mining as intermediar transferred it. Please help me Haobtc would not help me.

Thanks Edwin

The transaction details are here. (304f8e03294ba3dbf0cb66ca9dc5f0a2ae99fff4f880ef252c08ed8e75f877de 0.99927577 BTC 454,889 2017-02-26 21:51:03 1HXfAYqpNnawryLgdare836GFJS9KMLa3f 0.99930000 1DouiKSPh4jqaK5YKeHmMEuKkGkvERcvjx 0.00002423)

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