US Federal Authorities Arrest Man for Selling 9.99 Bitcoin (

If you are thinking about selling bitcoin for cash inside the Unites States to people you don’t know, caution is advised. A reminder to stay alert for undercover government agents who might try to entrap you has been served by a recent California case.
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Romania Police Arrest a Darknet Ransomware Gang of Five (

Romanian police made their first ransomware related arrest in five years. According to Europol, the Romanian police responded to the call of rampant ransomware attacks and sales of hacked data on the Darknet, to go all out to arrest a gang of five.
The gangs were suspected to have launched a series of cyber attacks across Europe infecting computers and holding sensitive data captive. The police, therefore, embarked on a search of their homes, through…


TIL that the FBI seized 144,000 bitcoins from Ross Ulbricht (silk road guy) in 2013 following his arrest and conviction. They were valued at close to $28.5million at the time of seizure. They’re now worth $1.9billion.

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