Spanish Police Smash a Bitcoin criminal gang–11 arrested over money laundering (

The Spanish civil guard police have arrested 11 suspects and launched an investigation of 137 others dedicated to a major operation on money laundering. The alleged Bitcoin criminal gang was smashed for trafficking drugs and laundering money through the use of virtual currencies.
Bitcoin has become increasingly popular in the recent past as an alternative form of currency. The digital currency…


Chinese Engineer Arrested for Stealing 100 Bitcoin From His Own Company

Chinese Engineer Arrested for Stealing 100 Bitcoin From His Own Company Zhong Mo, a tech company employee, allegedly used his position to steal 100 bitcoins from his employer. The Haidian police recently confirmed his arrest for the crime of illegally acquiring computer information. Haidian is the …
Google Alert – bitcoin

If you get arrested for selling bitcoins, please sent an email to


Just learned that another bitcoiner plead guilty and did not know about it.

If you get arrested, please send me an email so I can document it and alert the right people.


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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Man Arrested For Selling Darknet Drug to College Students (

Following the recent reports of a high rise in Darknet related drugs among the youth, authorities have taken positions on the various Darknet platforms to arrest suppliers. The Ohio authorities have produced one other evidence of the ongoing drug trade by arresting an Iowa man in this process. In order to avoid a risk of being exposed,…