FBI Claims Arrested Cyber Crime Syndicate Co-Founder Medvedev Worth $800M+ in BTC (news.bitcoin.com)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has claimed that Sergey Sergeyvich Medvedev, a Russian national recently arrested in Bangkok, was the co-founder and second in command of the Infraud group – a notorious international cyber crime syndicate. It has been reported that at the time of his arrest, Mr. Medvedev was in possession of more than 100,000 bitcoins.
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Russian scientists arrested for 'mining bitcoin' on supercomputer at nuclear facility

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin do not rely on centralised computers servers. This allows people to provide computer processing power to enable transactions to take place. In return, people can be rewarded in bitcoin. During the Cold War the USSR's first nuclear bomb was produced at Sarov, during …
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Russians arrested for 'mining bitcoin' at nuclear facility

Engineers at Russia's top nuclear research facility have reportedly been detained after they attempted to mine bitcoin on its computers. Several employees at Russia's nuclear centre in the city of Sarov have been detained after making “an attempt to use the work computing facilities for personal ends, …
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Russian nuclear scientists arrested for 'Bitcoin mining plot'

Russian security officers have arrested several scientists working at a top-secret Russian nuclear warhead facility for allegedly mining crypto-currencies. The suspects had tried to use one of Russia's most powerful supercomputers to mine Bitcoins, media reports say. The Federal Nuclear Centre in Sarov …
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Two Homeland Security Agents Arrested for Downloading Child Porn (deepd.tw)

In a turn of events not frequently seen in investigations of this sort, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) revealed that amidst an investigation into darknet child pornography viewers, two Homeland Security employees found themselves in handcuffs for downloading and distributing child pornography on the darknet. The first…


One of Two Dark Web Drug Dealers Arrested Is a Freelance Journalist (deepd.tw)

In wake of the arrest of two people in Delhi, who were dealing drugs ordered from the darknet, reports emerging from that case also revealed that one of the culprits is a freelance journalist.
Mahesh Goyal was researching the malpractices associated with the same crime he got involved with. He crossed paths with the suppliers and then went straight into business with them.
Mahesh Goyal was arrested together with an accomplice who works as a Disco Jockey for supplying ecstasy and…