Let's Not Destroy Bitcoin: What's Wrong With MIT Technology Review's Article

On April 24, the MIT Technology Review published an article with a catchy headline, titled “Let's Destroy Bitcoin”. The Internet was quick to react: media and bloggers started to spawn news, features and videos, reacting to “MIT professors” who supposedly called upon action against the world's biggest …
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Ridiculous The Atlantic article asks if It’s unjust that most of Bitcoin’s investors are men (reddit.com)

https://www.theatlantic.com/amp/article/556190/ From the article: “Will it be unjust if there is a significant gender imbalance in investor losses or gains?” Why is the article even asking this question? The answer is NO. Whomever takes the risk should take the gain or loss. So what if men take more risks than women? That is their CHOICE. Why do gender politics need to be injected into everything? If women want to invest they have…